Since 1982

35 years of experience, 35 years of excellence


For over 30 years, inspired by its business philosophy of"integrity and quality", Wayon is proud of serving thousands of consumers with a variety of quality stones.WAYON is not only recognized by the market but also has expanded its business landscape throughout the years.

At present, WAYON STONE is established as a large stone group with its own quarries, R&D center and many branches across China, including Guangdong Wayon Industry,  Foshan Wayon Exhibition Hall,  Shanghai Wayon, Jiangsu Wayon,Yunfu Wayon, Guangzhou Wayon, C-Stone Engineering supporting center and so on.

Our business includes the trading, production, and processing of various imported and domestic granite,sintered slabs, marble glasses,marble, quartz stone, gem stone and artificial stone, as well as large engineering facility offering. WAYON STONE is committed to integrate globalstone resources and create a new pattern of stone operation.WAYON GROUP adhering to the concept of sustainable development, committed to the development of new building materials of green environmental protection, leading into quartz production areas.

In the future, Heyuan factory will become our production center. The holistic layout of Guangdong Wayon is based on years of production experience and industry essence. New machinery, reformative technology and advantage of raw materials, are the guarantee of manufacturing high quality products.

Wayon Stone is the first stone enterprise accredited by NSF, Golden Greenguard, CE Safety Certification, ISO9001:2000 (by CQC China's quality environmental certification) and Alibaba Assessed Supplier (Service provided by Bureau Veritas Certification) etc. The quality received numerous authority approvals, with export all around the world.




Guangdong Wayon is located in Lankou Town, Dongyuan County, Heyuan city, the quartz raw material base of Guangdong. The region boasts its rare resources of high quality quartz (silica resources) in the world, with proven Class I quartz mine of 400 to 450 million tons.

We will fully utilize the mine resources, and our advantages in quartz slab processing and manufacture.The factory covers an area of 60,000 ㎡, of which 40,000 ㎡ is the building area, and 1,200 ㎡ is the R&D center, which is equipped with state-of-art machinery and facilities, covering 16 production lines from batching, mixing, automatic distributing, automatic pressing and splint-typecuring furnace. 

Our annual productioncapacity is 1.5 million ㎡ of high quality quartz slabs for all kindof countertops. 


The luxurious Wayon showroom located in China Ceramics Industrial Headquarter, is fully absorbing ceramics marketing essence and revolutionizing the traditional salesmodel, enabling every visitor a new feeling from high-quality products.


Yunfu factory covers an area of 30 acres, with 1,200㎡of office building area and 16,000㎡of factory building area. 

The major machineries of this factoryinclude: a new type of large slab 20-head-grinding machine, a set of square material compressor, and 4 automatic grinding assembly lines. It specializes in professional quartz stone production, R&D, and technology innovation.


Shanghai Wayon covers an area of 90 acres,including a block yard of 30,000 , a plantof 20,000  and an office building of 1,600 

Main equipment includes 9 diamond saws, 1 Italian 16-head mill, 1 Italian 8-head roughing machine, 1 Taiwan 20-head mill, 1 Taiwan 16-head mill, 3 boardglue-adding lines, 1 set of stacked stereoscopic vacuum drying glue-adding lines, and 15 cranes. The monthly output is 100,000 .

It specializes in processing block-stacking board and ensures fresh supplies everyday. It has 500,000  spot goods on sale in supermarkets, where there is a large-scale parking lot. The products are boasted with good value, high quality and rich variet


It is the former Guangzhou Lixin stone Technology Co., Ltd,

which is located ten kilometers away from the city center, with an area of 3,000㎡ and floor area of 7,000㎡. 

Machinery includes: infrared bridge cutting machine, profiling machine, Chamfering machine and other hi-tech machines. 

It mainly produces quartz stone slabs, marble slabs and granite. It processes quartz slabs, boards of all sizes, stone lines and etc.